Dollar General $5 off $30 Scenario For 11/22

We interrupt the regularly scheduled sweeps avalanche to bring you this couponing break.
I kid, I kid
But seriously, this is just something I’m throwing in the mix because I love saving money and I know there are tons of my fellow readers out there who do too that’s why I just came up with this super simple scenario for the upcoming Dollar General 5/30 Saturday (don’t you just love their discount Saturdays, except I preferred the 5 off 25 but hey, that’s another story for another day. For now I’m just grateful they have a 5/30 coupon to play with! Don’t forget to text 5OFF to 34898 to get yours and remember your total must be $30 and above pre-tax in order to use the coupon)

*All coupons for these items can be located using the coupon database (google it) and the coupon amounts are in brackets, sorry I’m typing this on my lunch break and don’t really have time to tidy it up but if you have any questions leave them in the comments section and I’ll answer them.

1.gillette simply venus 2 disposable razors 4ct – $3.75 (- $3/1 coupon)
2.bounce sheets 34 ct (2) – $4 (-$3/2 coupon)
3.tide to go pen(2) – $6 (- $3/2 coupon)
4.icy hot patch 1 ct- $1.85 (- $1/1 coupon)
5.gain sheets 34 ct(2) – $4 (- $1/2 coupon)
6.nivea men shave foam – $2 (- $1/1 coupon)
7.gain flings/tide pods 14ct – $3.95 (- $2/1 coupon)
8.tums freshers 25ct -2.50 (- $1.50/1 coupon)
9.ricola drops 19-21 ct(2) – $3.50 (- $1.50/2 coupon)

TOTAL (pretax) – 31.55
– 5/30 coupon = 26.55
– $17 (coupons) = 9.55 (plus whatever your state tax is)

Not too shabby. Remember using coupons = saving money = being smart!

Now feel free to treat me to a McCafé Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie with that money you just saved! Happy shopping!

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Paypal Holiday Choose Cheer Mail-In Sweepstakes

Who is ready to win some cash – and gift cards- from Paypal this holiday season?
I know I am.
This new sweepstake from Paypal is a two-fer: there is an instant win portion and a mail-in/online portion.
To enter by mail:
Print your name, address, city, state, ZIP code, date of birth (optional), email address and daytime telephone number on a 3” X 5” card, and mail it, in an envelope with postage affixed, to: PayPal Holiday Choose Cheer Sweepstakes, P. O. Box 795, Plainview, NY 11803-0795.

Every mailed in entry = 14 entries into that week’s drawing
Enter daily from 10/27 – 1/4/15
Rules here

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Win a Trip to Puppy Bowl XI in NYC

There’s the Rose Bowl
And the Iron Bowl
And of course the Orange Bowl
Oh, let’s not forget about the Super Bowl
But those are all for humans and this post is not about humans but rather their four-legged buddies.
This post is about your chance to win a trip for four to Puppy Bowl XI in NYC
You can enter daily until 9/1

The Bronx Zoo Puppy Bowl XI Sweepstakes
x 1 a day
Ends 9/1

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FREE Special Advance Screening – ATLANTA

We are having a special advance screening of the new film “WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL” starring Jim Caviezel on Tuesday, August 5 @ 7:30pm at Carmike Movies ATL 14 movie theater. Each person will be allowed to download and print out a maximum of one admit-two pass. Download instructions are below:

1) Go to

2) Click “GET PASSES”

3) Print pass and attend screening
***PLEASE NOTE – Remember to arrive early as screenings are overbooked to ensure a full theater. Seating is first come-first served, and is not guaranteed

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Win A Trip For 4 to the Disneyland Resort

24-hr sweep for US/CAN (ends Friday 10/11): Win one of TWO family vacations for 4 to the Disneyland Resort for the October 26th opening of Thor: Treasures of Asgard, the brand new experience coming to Disneyland! All you have to do to enter is visit the THOR page on Facebook and answer the following question in the comments of the sweeps post: Who would you travel with if you had the chance to go to Asgard: #Thor or #Loki?

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Win A Trip To Hawaii Courtesy of Fandango and The Hunger Games

I finally got around to watching The Hunger Games the other day and I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed.
Maybe because everyone had hyped up the movie so much so I had really high expectations but to me it was just okay.
Anyway, I know something that is more than just okay and that is winning a trip to Hawaii!
Excited? You should be because that is exactly where Fandango wants to send you and a guest.
And if you don’t win the trip maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win movie tickets in their weekly drawing…

Fandango – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Sweepstakes
x 1 a day
Ends 11/26

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Win A Trip To LA For A Taping of “The Talking Dead”

If you’re a big fan of “The Walking Dead” then I have a feeling you’re very familiar with the show “The Talking Dead” and I’m also very sure that you’ll be all over this sweep since it involves getting flown all the way to LA just so you and your guest can attend a taping of “The Talking Dead”! Super cool, right?

Spencer’s & AMC’s -‘The Talking Dead’ Sweeepstakes
x 1 daily
ends 10/17

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Fry’s Electronics Wants To Hook You Up With A Sony VAIO Pro Touchscreen Ultrabook

I hope you had a much better day than I did.
What did I spend my day doing?
Praying that my computer wouldn’t call it a wrap. It’s 5 years old and just about time for it to check into computer retirement home. I just need it to wait just a little bit longer until I can win a new one!
And speaking of winning computers, Fry’s Electronics is giving away a brand new Sony VAIO Pro Touchscreen Ultrabook and a whole bunch of other prizes but those other prizes are reserved for contestants living within 100 miles of the Open Golf Tournament location.
So if you’re like me and you could use a new computer, this is a must enter sweep.

Fry’s Electronics – Sony VAIO Pro Ultrabook Giveaway
x 1
ends 10/7

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Daily Giveaway from Fresh Beginnings

It’s a new month so it’s only fitting that we kick it off with a giveaway from a company called Fresh Beginnings.
How long did it take for that to click?
Yes, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right about now.
Anyway, back to the giveaway, every day for the next 14 days, Fresh Beginnings will be giving away a regular tin of Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies and $10 iTunes Gift Card and then one lucky person will walk away with a 16GB Apple iPod Touch (5th generation) and $10 iTunes Gift Card.
Happy October everyone, hope it’s full of amazing wins!

Fresh Beginnings – Apple a Day Giveaway
x 1 only
Ends 10/14

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Instagram Sweep – Very Unique too!

I was born with a camera in my hand – at least that’s how I explain my love for photography.
It’s more than a love, it’s an obsession.
As a toddler, I recall never wanting to let go of my dad’s camera.
He had one of those huge cameras that seemed so cool back then but would now seem like a dinosaur.
Actually teaching me the ability to capture moments on a roll of film is probably one of the greatest gifts my dad ever gave me. I just wish I had as much time to devote to photography these days.

Why all this talk about photography?
Simple…Mercedes-Benz is currently running a very unique instagram contest that you want to be part of.
The concept is simple and you have to click on the link below and read all about it but I can guarantee you that this is nothing like any other sweep you have ever entered.
The prize is a 3-day road trip for 2 in an all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA, $3,000 for spending expenses, a 36-month lease of a 2013 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 and $4,542.53 to help with taxes.
But you must have an instagram account to enter.
And 5 of the best photographers on instagram get to choose who the lucky winner of the above-described package is.
Told you this sweep was unique.

Mercedes-Benz – CLA Take The Wheel Contest
x 1 per person
Ends 8/14

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100 Reasons You Should Retweet This!

Okay,do you seriously think I have time to type out 100 reasons?
I don’t.
I have things to do like umm…I don’t know what I just know that I have things to do and one of those things is retweeting this tweet from CengageBrain
The prize is $100.
Cold cash.
Now do you get why I chose that particular title?
Good luck.

ps: They are even giving you a coupon to save you $$$ ;)

*Multiple entries allowed
*Ends 9/30

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Back in my day I had a massive crush on the BSB – Howie in particular.
I actually still have a thing for them and occassionally when no one is looking, I burst out a move or two to Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) …judge me all you want but that is a good song!

Anyway, these days kids are all about One Direction and for my Atlanta peeps, I have some codes to a special screening of the 1D movie: ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US.
Parents, you can enter to win a pass for your teen girls.
Grandparents, you can enter to win a pass for your grandkids.
Boyfriends, you would have to be crazy to want this for your girlfriends but hey, you can enter too (they’ll think you’re the coolest boyfriends ever, even as they drool over other guys).
This is actually a Mother-Daughter Movie Preview Party but hey, every 1D fan is welcome!


And now for the fine print:
*Each code = 4 passes (winner plus 3 guests)
*The screening is overbooked to ensure capacity and seating is first come, first served
*Screening date is Saturday, August 10th at AMC Sugarloaf Mills, 5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

If you can’t make it, please,please I beg you, don’t try and win these passes.I want to give them to people who can actually attend the screening. To snag one of the codes – which will admit 4 people – just leave me a comment below telling me what you love most about Atlanta

Winners will be chosen randomly on Monday 8/5 at noon

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Win a Google Nexus 7

I’m loyal by nature so when I find a brand that makes products I like, I tend to stick with that brand for a while and support whatever they make – as long as it’s a quality product.
My first phone was an LG phone which turned me into an LG girl for life.
I did move on to HTC and I was an HTC girl for a few years until their phones started acting up so I said sayonara to HTC and now that I’m rocking the galaxy s4, I’m a Samsung chick – and happy about my current status.

The only way I’d even consider cheating on my s4 is if I had a Google Nexus 7.
I like google – a few aspects of the company still creep me out, like google maps is way too stalkerish for me and I don’t like the way google’s system scans through my emails and delivers ads based on the content of my emails but I digress. Overall, it’s a solid company with quality products and today you have a chance to win one of their products:
A brand new google nexus 7!

Enter Now for your Chance to Win a Google Nexus 7

Thanks to the following sponsors Dragon BloggerSBABZY, TechWalls, CravingTech, Techetron and The Game Technician we are able to co-host this giveaway and one lucky entrant will get a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet 16GB.

Win the Brand New Google Nexus 7 16GB

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere over the age of 18 where rules and restrictions apply. See contest rules for details, but if you live outside the U.S. you have a few options, one you can receive $229 cash via Paypal instead of the Google Nexus 7 due to the costs in shipping and limitations in shipping Internationally directly from Google’s site.

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Trip To New Zealand OR take the $5,000

I have to be honest …when I think of places I’d love to travel to, New Zealand isn’t the first place that pops up in my mind. Nor is it in the top 10 or even the top 50.
That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go there if I won a trip, it just means that in a case like today’s highlighted sweep, I’d probably be more likely to take the 5K cash option instead of going down under.
What about you?
Would you take the trip to New Zealand or would you take the money and run?

Brancott Estate – Chill Hour Sweepstakes
x 1 a day
Ends 8/31

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Trip To The Bahamas OR Cash?

You asked and I listened.
You said you wanted more sweepstakes with a cash option and guess what? I came through for you.
And now the burden is on your shoulders: will you choose to take the trip to the Bahamas or will you opt for the cash?
Option one means you get to hang out with a buddy in the Bahamas, swim with the Dolphins and get $500 to spend as you wish and Option two means you forego the Bahamas but your bank account is $3,023 richer.
So what will it be?
The Bahamas or the cash?

Lipton Taste of Summer Sweepstakes
x 1 a day
Ends 8/16

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