Ben & Jerry’s “Taste Test” Mail-in Sweepstakes

One of my fondest memories growing up is of me hanging with my dad in the ice cream truck he used to drive.
To a child, that’s the most awesome job a parent can ever have because it means unlimited ice cream – and trust me, I ate so much ice cream during that one period that I literally made myself sick on some days (shhh don’t tell daddy that though!).

These days the only time I eat ice cream is during summer when my guy and I go on bike rides and stop in the middle of a random town to grab a cone or two.
He’s more of an ice cream fanatic than I am – he’ll seriously drown a pint of ice cream in one sitting!
My guy eats ice cream in Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter.
I’m not kidding.
He’ll eat ice cream in the middle of winter and act like its the most normal thing ever!

That love affair he has with ice cream is the reason I know he’ll be the perfect candidate for the new Ben & Jerry Taste Test sweepstakes. Like the name implies, its all about sampling one or all of 40 Ben & Jerry’s flavors and then giving feedback on them! This works out great for us – he loves to eat ice cream and I love to give my opinion so this is going to be a fun couples activity for us!
If you want to get in on the fun too but can’t because you’re on a diet, there is a mail-in option:

By Mail: Write your first and last name, complete address, telephone number, date of birth, and e-mail address (optional) (all legibly hand printed) on a 3X5 piece of paper, place in a stamped envelope and mail to:

Ben & Jerry’s “Taste Test Sweepstakes”
PO Box 490,
Woodbury, NY 11797-0490.

Entries must be postmarked by October 31, 2015 and received by November 5, 2015.

Dets and rules here
Ends 10/31/15

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2015 New Orleans & Louisiana Essence Festival Mail-in Sweepstakes

I quit Facebook.
I didn’t hit the “close account” button but for this year, I made a vow to myself not to update my Facebook page.
Last year I put so much of myself out there that when strangers started liking some personal pictures (of my little man), I went into total freak-mode and completely locked down all my pictures and then altogether decided to stop updating the world about my life on Facebook.
Let’s face it, who cares if while shopping in Kroger I came across the most delicious pint of ice cream?
Who cares if while at the post office, I happened to overhear a conversation between the clerk and a teenager who has absolutely no idea what stamps are?
No one cares about those things but me.
No one has to hear about them but my guy, and my real life friends and maybe my mom.
So, I quit Facebook.
I still have my account because I need it for work and I like to keep up with a handful of groups and occasionally chat with a few friends I’ve made along the way.
That’s the extent of my Facebook presence – and honestly, I’ve never felt better.
Now if only I could figure out a way to cut ties with twitter, that is my real weakness!

Another one of my weaknesses is a really dope festival – and no one does dope festivals like Essence Magazine.
Let me tell you something, if you have never been to the ESSENCE Festival, you are missing out big time because every single year they do it big and just when you think they can’t outdo themselves, they go and do it again but even bigger the next year.And now you too can get in on the action via the 2015 New Orleans & Louisiana Essence Festival Presented by Coca-Cola® Sweepstakes!

Method #2: To enter via US mail, mail a postcard with your name and address to:

The 2015 New Orleans & Louisiana Essence Festival® Presented by Coca-Cola® Sweepstakes,
c/o The US Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Company,
625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100,
Rochester, NY 14625-2437.

Each postcard must be mailed separately. Mail-in entries must be postmarked between 03/04/15 and 04/30/15 and received by 05/07/15.

Rules and dets here
Ends 4/30/15

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PAX Controller Collection Snail Mail Sweepstakes

We’re snowed in – again.
I’m so not a winter person so snow is hard for me to deal with.
Every part of me wants to whine and bitch and grumble.
BUT snow day means sleeping in, chilling by a hot fire while catching up on ratchet TV shows and riding the four-wheeler with my man in the snow so you know what? Bring it on mother nature, you’ll not break me.
If playing video games is how you choose to spend your snow day then this sweep is for you – the grand prize is an Xbox one console and there are some Xbox one controllers up for grabs too. Check out the dets below:

**Very short running sweepstakes**

To enter by mail, hand print your name, day and evening phone numbers, email address, valid home address (P.O. Boxes not permitted) and date of birth on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper and mail it in an envelope with proper postage to

“PAX Collection Sweepstakes,”
c/o HelloWorld, Inc.,
P.O. Box 5014, Department #816918,
Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5014.

You will receive one (1) entry into each of the PAX Event Sweepstakes.

Rules and dets here
Ends 3/9/15

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Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel A Walk of Art Mail-in Sweepstakes

You know how some women have like 50,000 pairs of shoes?
I’m not one of those women.
I have less than 10 pairs of shoes – by choice.
I’m not a shoe person so if I find a comfortable pair, I wear it until I literally wear it out.
I’m sure this is something that nags my best half to death but he’s slowly but surely learning to accept it.
Whether you like shoes or not, chances are you’re familiar with the Dr.Scholl’s brand (if you’re not, google it). They want your input on some fabric design and they’re going to give you Walmart e-gift cards for your time.
**side bar – how awesome is it that they’re actually getting input from their clients and potential clients about the new Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel fabric design?**
You can vote for your choice online or enter via mail.

To enter the Sweepstakes via mail and receive one (1) entry, hand print your name, complete mailing address, telephone number (including area code), email address and date of birth on a plain 3”x 5” piece of paper and mail it in a sealed, stamped and hand printed #10 envelope to:

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel A Walk of Art Sweepstakes,
P.O. Box 15106,
Bridgeport, CT 06673-5106.

Each mailin entry must be mailed separately and received by the date listed on the chart below (in the rules) to be eligible for applicable Weekly Period’s drawing and the Grand Prize drawing.

Rules and dets here
Ends 3/15/15

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NCAA Get Game Ready Mail-in Sweepstakes at Walgreens

Happy March!!!
March in our house means college basketball.
Lots and lots and lots of college basketball especially if the Louisville Cardinals are playing.
One of my fondest memories with my best half is last year when we went to Texas for the Final Four.
Being big basketball fans, this was like going to the Superbowl for us and if you’ve never experienced the phenomenon that is the Final Four, then you need to go ahead and write that on your bucket list because it’s one of those things you absolutely must experience at least once in your lifetime.
And guess what? Walgreens wants to make that happen for you.
How? Through this NCAA Get Game Ready Sweepstakes at Walgreens where the grand prize is a trip to the Men’s 2016 NCAA Final Four. Unlimited entries.Peep the dets below:

via Mail-In No Purchase Necessary: To enter the Promotion without making a purchase, hand print your first and last name, full address, date of birth, day and evening phone numbers and email address on one 3″ x 5″ piece of paper and mail it in an envelope with proper postage, to:

NCAA Get Game Ready Sweepstakes at Walgreens,
PO Box 7679, Melville,
NY 11775-7679.

You will receive one (1) Sweepstakes Entry into the Sweepstakes Drawing for each qualifying mail-in entry you submit in accordance with these instructions. Limit one (1) Sweepstakes Entry per hand-addressed stamped envelope. All mail-in Sweepstakes Entries must be handwritten and mail-in Sweepstakes Entries must be postmarked by April 26, 2015 and received by May 4, 2015 to be eligible.

Rules and dets here
Ends 4/26/15

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Western Union American Dream Snail Mail Sweepstakes

There is no such thing as stress.
There are problems and those problems have solutions.
So what we call “stress” is really just a problem and if you think hard, you can find a solution to that problem.
That’s my brother-in-law’s theory about stress.
He shared it with me a few years back when I casually mentioned to him how stressed I was about a certain situation.
I didn’t agree with him then BUT ever since then, whenever I find myself going…”gosh I’m so stressed
I stop and think to myself – there is no such thing as stress.
Then I try and figure out what the problem is and then find a solution to whatever is bothering me.
My brother-in-law is a smart man – just don’t tell him I said that :)

Anyway, if one of the things “stressing” you out is cash – or the lack of cash and you want to win some $$$ then this sweep from Western Union is perfect for you. The grand prizes are $65,000 for a down payment on a home, $35,000 for tuition or $30,000 for a new car and you can get your hands on that money by completing a transaction on western union or by entering via mail:

Mail-in Entry: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. If you wish to enter the Sweepstakes without making a Qualifying Transaction, hand print your complete name, address, phone number, your “My WU” membership number and your email address (optional) on a 3”x5” piece of paper, insert into a #10 mailing envelope, affix appropriate postage and mail to:

Western Union “American Dream” Sweepstakes,
P. O. Box 460, Woodbury,
NY 11797-0460.

Limit one entry per mailing envelope.

Full rules and dets here
Ends 12/31/15

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I wish you double of what you wish me
That’s a sentence I happened to catch in my Facebook feed the other day.
It was posted by a friend of mine who is clearly going through something but it also got me thinking…
…can you imagine how differently we would all behave and treat others if we knew that whatever we wished upon them would come back DOUBLE to us?
I bet you we’d all go around being nicer to people.
And wishing them well.
For example, I’d say to you – I wish you win this new sweepstake from
Because the prize is 40,000 cash to be used as a down payment on a home or to pay down a current mortgage.
Hopefully by making that wish for you, it’d mean that I get to win double that – and yes, I really could use $80,000!
See what I just did there? :)
Anyway, the dets you need for the Kick‐Start Your Mortgage Sweepstakes are below:

To enter the Sweepstakes by U.S. Mail, do the following during the Promotion Period and in time to meet the postmark and receipt‐by‐Sponsor deadlines below: hand‐print your name, address, city, state, ZIP code, date of birth, email address, day‐time telephone number and the words, “PRIMARY ENTRY,” on a 3” X 5” card; and mail it, in an envelope with postage affixed, to:® Kick‐Start Your Mortgage Sweepstakes,
10 Almaden Blvd.,
Suite 800,
San Jose, CA 91362.

Mail‐in entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2015, and received by Sponsor by April 8, 2015 in order to be eligible.

Rules and dets here
Ends 3/31/15

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Lionel Racing Golden Ticket Instant-Win Sweepstakes

Choices and Options.
Life is about choices.
Choices always come with options.
Regardless of what hand you’re dealt with in life, you always have options.
You can choose to be bitter or better.
I hope you choose the latter.
And speaking of choices, maybe one of the many choices you make today will be to enter this new sweep from Lionel NASCAR Collectables. This is especially ideal for Nascar fans because the prizes are all racing related but they also have some gift cards thrown into the mix for all you foodies (double score if you’re both a foodie and nascar fan!). Anyway,it’s an instant win sweep and it requires a code which you can get by purchasing Lionel Racing products or you can mail away for one – the dets are below:

You can play the Sweepstakes by mailing in a request for a free Game Piece after February 18, 2015 (if you are in New York State, you may not mail in a request for a free Game Piece until after March 17, 2015). To obtain a free Game Piece (while supplies last) and/or a copy of these Official Rules, type or print your first and last name, date of birth, and complete mailing address on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper or index card and mail it in an envelope with proper first-class U.S. postage affixed to:

Lionel® Racing 2015 Golden Ticket Free Game Piece Request,
6301 Performance Drive,
Concord, North Carolina 28027.

You may send multiple requests for a free Game Piece, but each such request must be mailed in a separate postage prepaid envelope, and mechanical reproductions of Game Piece requests are not acceptable. Mail-in requests for a free Game Piece must be received by Sponsor by December 14, 2015.

Rules and dets
Ends 12/14/15

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3-Point Shoot-Out Mail-in Sweepstakes

Stop…in the name of love before you…
I kid, I kid but seriously..
STOP reading this right now unless you live in the states of IL, IN, IA, KY and MO
Why? Because if you don’t, this sweep is useless to you.
But if you do – and you happen to have a kid between the ages of 8 and 17, then keep reading please because this is for you. What you need to know right off the bat is that this has something to do with the Final Four festivities in Indy this April. There is no transportation or hotel or parking offered with the prize but you get four tickets to fanfest, a gift pack, a Circle K gift card and a chance to participate in the POWERADE 3-Point Shoot-Out (duh, hence the name of the sweep!)…peep the dets below:

To enter without a purchase, on a 3” x 5” blank card, print your name, age, street address, city, state, ZIP code, daytime phone number, email address, and if applicable name and age of your child/legal ward, and mail in a #10 envelope to:

Sports Profiles/Shoot-Out,
4709 Golf Road, Ste. 807,
Skokie, IL 60076.

All entries must be received by 3/25/15. Limit one (1) entry per stamped envelope.

Rules and dets here
Ends 3/23/15

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80 Eighty Mail-in Sweepstakes

As a teen, my mom enrolled my sisters and I into a sewing class.
That was her way of keeping us occupied and out of trouble.
I thought it was the most uncoolest thing ever – until the teacher taught us how to make lingerie.
But that’s another story for another time (I do make kick ass panties though, just for the record!).
Anyway, if you know anything about sewing, you know it requires patience – lots and lots of patience because if you move too fast, you make errors – and me, well – my patience is a work in progress so I was always that student in the class who would press the pedal a little too hard and cause the sewing machine to go bonkers!
One day after almost tearing up her sewing machine, my poor teacher calmly told me “I hope you never learn how to drive because you’ve got a lead foot“.

I did learn how to drive.
I also learned that she was telling the truth – I do have a lead foot.
I have a warning ticket for doing 65 in a 45 zone and a speeding ticket for doing 90 in a 70 zone to prove she was right.
Those are just the two times I’ve been caught speeding.
I can’t tell you the countless times I haven’t been caught.
I’m not bragging by the way, I’m just owning up to a weakness of mine that, just like my patience, is a work in progress.

You know what else I have a weakness for?
Fast cars.
Like the Nissan Skyline GTR R32.
And if you love fast cars too or just classic cars then the 80 Eighty Giveaway is a perfect match for you.
They’re giving away a Custom 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR R32 worth 20 grand!!
Every $5 you spend on their site gives you an entry (they do have some pretty cool stuff) or you can enter via mail.

To enter without purchase, print your name, address, city, state/province, zip/postal code, telephone number, date of birth on a 3×5 piece of paper, insert in an envelope and mail to:

80 Eighty Sweepstakes,
P.O. Box 1207 Draper,
UT 84020.

Mail-in entries must be postmarked by August 14, 2015 and received by August 20, 2015. Limit one entry per mailing envelope, however, each envelope will equal five (5) Sweepstakes entries.

Rules and dets here
Ends 8/14/15

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Spring Break Mail-In Sweepstakes

Spring break is one of those things I always looked forward to back in college.
I’ll spare you the hijinks we used to get into during spring break but know that it was definitely one of the best times of my life year after year after year after year.
It’s been 9 years since I graduated and yet I still get excited about spring break except now it’s all about my son and trying to cram as many fun PG-13 memories for him in that one week.

So what prompted this trip down spring break memory lane?
A new sweepstakes from that’s running until March 27.
It has three awesome prizes and they are fabulous – hello, who couldn’t use a $1,000 Amazon gift card?
You can enter one time before the sweep ends.

To enter the Sweepstakes via the alternate method of entry,mail an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper with the title “Spring Break Sweepstakes,” that includes your full name,date of birth,home address (street,city,state,zip code) and email address to the following address:,Inc
ATTN: Spring Break Sweepstakes AMOE
370 Townsend Street
San Francisco,CA 94107

Full dets and rules here
Ends 3/27/15

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Glad Press’n Seal Wrap Outside the Lines Mail-in Sweepstakes

Think outside the box.
March to your own beat.
Dance to your own rhythm.
Be uniquely you.
These are things my son hears from me every single day.
These are words I heard from the “village” that raised me every single day.
There is nothing wrong with coloring outside the lines.
Matter of fact, go right ahead and make a gigantic drawing outside the lines.
Be free, allow your creativity to flow without boundaries because only then can you truly enjoy life.
I’m glad that lesson got drilled into my head early on in my life.
I’m glad my son gets to hear me give him permission to think outside the box every day.

If you’re waiting for me to write you a permission slip giving you permission to think outside the box too, consider this your permission slip. Well, technically it’s Glad writing you the permission slip but what it boils down to is this – they want you to be creative. To think outside the box – oh and it would be nice if you used their new Press’n Seal Wrap while you’re expressing your creativity (that stuff is seriously good if you’re a wrapping freak like me!!). They’re even willing to ship you off to Vegas if you prove to be their number one “wrap star” <<--- I love that! So how do you get in on this "wrap battle" (yes, I know I'm getting carried away but I can't help it)..well, you can take a pic (see rules) or you go the mail-in route (total of 8 entries, each mailed separately)...

Enter by Mail: To enter without purchase of Press’n Seal Wrap, hand print your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, email address, and date of birth on a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper and mail it in an envelope with proper postage to:

“Wrap Outside the Lines,”
c/o HelloWorld, Inc.,
P.O. Box 5014 Department 816702,
Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5014.

You will receive one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes. Limit: You may only include one (1) entry request per envelope. All mail-in entries must be handwritten and must be postmarked by March 12, 2015 and received by March 19, 2015

Rules and dets here
Ends 3/12

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Big Game Blitz Snail Mail Sweepstakes

About six years ago I found myself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in Atlanta when all of a sudden I felt a bump at the back of my car. Yup, the car behind me had rear-ended me. I got out of my car to examine the damage – as did the other driver and thankfully there was barely a thing there, just a tiny dent.
The other driver looked at me with pleading eyes and asked me what I wanted to do.
I told him nothing.
I wanted to do absolutely nothing.
We weren’t calling the cops, we weren’t exchanging insurance information, we weren’t doing anything.
We were simply going to get back into our cars and continue on home as if nothing had happened.

Fast forward to today.
I pull into a parking space at the grocery store with more than enough space between me and the cars on either side of me. I open my door to get out and I’m so careful not to hit the car next to me but it’s so windy that the wind blows my door so hard it hits the car next to me and dings it.
As luck would have it, the owner of the car is sitting inside the car on her cigarette break from the grocery store.
She looks irritated when she steps out of her car and I’m honestly expecting hell.
So when she gets to me I apologize for the ding and then ask her what we’re going to do.
She looks at me and says “nothing…we’re going to do nothing but in the future, please be mindful of other people’s cars as you get out of your car”.
She could have raised hell, she could have yelled at me, she could have demanded I repair her car but instead she let me off the hook – just like six years ago when I let that other guy off the hook.
This lady doesn’t know me so she doesn’t know what I did six years ago.
But I know its Karma.
Sometimes Karma takes a day, a year, four years or even six years but what goes around always comes around.

Anyway, that was my day. Onto today’s mail-in sweep. It’s for a trip to the 2016 super bowl (hey, it’s never too early to start planning for it!) but there are other prizes like cash and wiper blades and you can only enter this sweep one time before Feb 27, 2015.

A person may also enter by sending a postcard or letter, postage prepaid, marked “BIG GAME BLITZ SWEEPSTAKES” with his/her full name, address, and phone number to:

Trico Marketing Services,
P.O. Box 630,
Buffalo, New York 14207-0630.

There is a limit of one entry per person.

Rules and Dets Here
Ends 2/27/15

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Macy’s Kate Spade New York Mail-in Sweepstakes

I was married once.
It seems like such a long time ago now but somewhere out there is a record of my marriage.
There is also a record of my subsequent divorce a few years later.
I wasn’t very good at the whole marriage thing.
Actually, I sucked at being married.
There are things I wish I could tell that girl who carried around the MRS title.
Things that you only learn after going through a divorce and actually reflecting on YOUR own contribution to the demise of a marriage – you know, when you jump off your high horse and stop playing the blame game and actually take ownership of what role you played in the falling apart of your marriage.
Somewhere out there, this is no record of that.
That record is in my heart – and some day it’ll be in a diary I intend to give my son to explain human relationships and how they can be so complicated, but also how they can be so beautiful too.

That beautiful aspect of human relationships is what this blog post is about.
That finding love for the first time – or the third time, or even the tenth time.
That opening up your heart again and trusting another human being with it, even when it’s been broken before.
That whole taking a leap of faith thing and hoping against hope to find happiness against all the odds.
That’s what this blog post is about because its possible.
And when you do find that special person, there is no better place to run off to than New York, even for just a couple of days which is why Macy’s wants to send you and your significant other to NYC courtesy of the Kate Spade New York Sweepstakes. You can enter it once but you have to hurry because that entry has to be post marked by Feb 8th OR alternatively, if you’re engaged, you can enter by creating a wedding registry on the Macy’s website (they have some awesome stuff on there!!)

Alternate Free Method of Entry: To participate without creating a registry, mail a 3”x5” piece of paper with your name, home mailing address, email address, day/evening phone numbers, and date of birth in an envelope with proper postage to:

Macy’s Kate Spade New York Sweepstakes, c/o Macy’s,
1440 Broadway, 13th Floor,
New York, NY 10018.

All requests must be postmarked no later than February 8, 2015 and received within five days in order to be included in the Sweepstakes.

Rules and dets
Ends 2/8/15

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Hallmark Card Rewards Sweet-Stakes Snail Mail Sweepstakes

You know what my favorite part about February is?
Hallmark movies.
That is my big secret and I’m unloading it off my chest right now.
I’ll pretty much find an excuse, any excuse to get out of any plans with anyone during the month of February just so I can stay in my PJs on the couch watching sappy love stories on the Hallmark channel.
I can’t be the only person hooked on Hallmark movies so I know you too are reading this going “yup, me too Mimi, me too” – or at the very least you’re saying “Ummm I don’t know about those movies but I sure like the Hallmark cards“.
Either way, I have a Hallmark sweep for you that’s going to make you love this particular brand even more.

Cha-ching is the word that comes to mind when I think of the Hallmark Card Rewards Sweet-Stakes and I love the fact that they managed to work the word sweet into the name of the sweep because it really is a sweet one. Not only does it have daily drawings but they roll over. Oh and there are weekly drawings too.Oh, did I mention that all those drawings are for cold hard cash? Yes they are. And before I forget, the cherry on top of this already too sweet cake is the grand prize which is a cool $5,000. Bet I just gave you 5000 more reasons to love the Hallmark brand! The rules are kinda conflicting on this so read them and use your judgement about how many times to enter.

To enter the Sweepstakes by mail, hand-print your first and last names, address (no P.O. Boxes accepted), city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, and e-mail address, on a 3” x 5” piece of paper, insert it into a stamped, business envelope with the Daily Entry Period you are entering listed and mail it to:

Hallmark Card Rewards Sweet-Stakes – Daily Period (insert entry period)
P.O. Box 510795
New Berlin, WI 53151

Daily mail-in entries must be postmarked by the close of the applicable Daily Period, and received seven (7) calendar days after the close of the applicable Daily Period. By entering a Daily Period via mail, you will automatically receive one (1) entry into the applicable Weekly Period and one (1) entry into the Grand Prize drawing. Limit one (1) entry per outer mailing envelope for a Daily Period.

Dets and Rules
Ends 2/20/15

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