Fiat 500c OR $10,000 Cash? – Ends 12/25/12

To be or not to be?
To marry or stay single?
To go or to stay?
To have kids or remain childless?
It seems like life is always forcing us to make a choice…

Take today’s sweep for example:
Would you choose a Fiat 500c OR $10,000 Cash?
Why can’t we have both?
I want the fancy ride and the cash!
But since beggars can’t be choosers,I’ll take the Fiat please.
Wait,I’ll take the 10 grand.
No,I’ll go with the car
But,the cash sounds alot better
Ok,I give up…what would YOU choose?

While you make up your mind,don’t forget to enter today: – 2012 The Fiat Giveaway
x 1 per person
Ends 12/25/12

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