3 Things You Don’t Know About Me : Mimi

I have a new feature I’m adding to this blog and it’s called “3 Things You Don’t Know About Me“.
It’s basically mini-profiles on sweepers and freebie hunters
I want to put a face to the many people who share this incredible hobby and you can help.
How you ask?
Well,YOU can be my lucky subject!
Seriously,I want YOU to be featured on this blog.

In return for your time,I’ll let you plug anything legal you want to plug in your introduction.
You can have a picture along with your mini-interview (preferable) or you can choose not to have your real picture used..whatever works for you.
Just email me with the:
-3 things we don’t know about you
-What name/username you want used along with your mini-interview
-A little bit of background info regarding your sweeping/freebie hunting
-A facebook/twitter page if you have one
-What site/product/service you want to plug

I’ll kick it off with not just 3 things but a few things you need to know about the person behind this blog:

3 Things You Don’t Know About Me : Mimi

Happy winning and freebie hunting in July!

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