My Life Would Be Easier If….

The biggest complaint I have heard about myself over the past couple of years is I overanalyze situations.
Its a trait that is perfect for my job but a disaster in my personal relationships with people.
My life would be easier if I learned how to control that analytical side of me that reads way too much into stuff (although in my defense I must say I’m rarely wrong…I may not be 100% right all the time but I’m not 100% wrong either,I’m just sayin’)

The only other thing that would make my life easier is winning the Amana Facebook Sweepstakes.
Because they are giving away a $15,000 travel agency voucher and Amana range, microwave, countertop microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, front load washer and dryer.

Ofcourse you know you want a piece of that so hurry and enter today and while you’re on facebook,take a second to like our facebook page so we don’t feel like the forgotten ugly stepchild – seriously,do it for our ego.Thanks in advance.

x1 per person

Ends 12/31

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