Kindle Galore On Facebook – Ends 12/6

When I first saw the prizes being offered in the Amazon – Win With Friends Sweepstakes,my mind flashed back to that famous Oprah Winfrey episode where every member of the audience got a car and in my mind,I was saying:

You get a kindle
And you get a kindle
And you get a kindle too

(in my best Oprah voice)

In my mind,it sounded really good but now that I am typing it out and sharing it with you,I feel like I need to commit myself into a mental asylum..but you know what?I’m still saying it anyway because Amazon is going all out this holiday season – they are giving you or the reader in your family a sparkling new shiny kindle.And wait,it gets better..when you sign up you get to select 3 friends to win kindles too.

I’m hoping I’m one of those friends but you’ll probably forget about little old me which is okay as long as you don’t forget to enter the Amazon – Win With Friends Sweepstakes.

x 1 per person
Ends 12/6

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