AT&T Trip Of A Lifetime – Ends 6/30

I love AT&T.
I’ve been with them for ages.
It’s been too long in that our relationship is now not passionate but it’s comfortable.
We know each other’s flaws.
We value each other’s strengths – I’m a sucker for their roll over minutes,they love when I pay my bill on time.
We bicker and grumble occassionally – okay,this is one sided,I bicker sometimes,they listen.
We won’t be dumping each other any time soon.

And now there is another reason to love AT&T – they always have really cool sweepstakes and the best part is you don’t even have to be a customer to enter.They are open to anyone and everyone although this latest one has a sweet bonus for subscribers,they get 100 bonus entries if they are paperless subscribers.Yes,someone is actually rewarding you to get rid of extra unnecessary paper from your house!How totally rad is that?

And get this – the grand prize is a choice of a trip creation or $15,000 cold cash.There are 4 first prizes of a $1,000 travel voucher each and 204 $50 amazon gift cards in the instant win game.

Told y’all AT&T is super cool…now if only I could win that $15,000 then our relationship will turn into a guaranteed lifetime commitment – unless ofcourse Verizon writes me a million dollar cheque then it’s bye-bye AT&T (don’t judge,you would switch too!)..but let’s think positively here and concentrate on this awesome Trip of A Lifetime Sweepstake from AT&T that you can’t win unless you enter!

x 1 per day
Ends 6/30

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