Wants to Give You an iPad Mini

One of my biggest pet peeves back when I was in school was the outrageous cost of text books.
In college I found a way around it by simply asking my professors to put an extra copy in the library that I would then borrow on an “as needed” basis – translation: every single time I had an assignment for that class.
Most professors I asked where actually very happy to do this although one or two of them said no.

If you or your kids don’t have kind professors like I did,there are plenty of good sites out there that offer cheap textbooks and is one of them.
You’ve probably heard that name before somewhere because every savvy student who loves saving money has but in case you haven’t,you should check them out (and no,they haven’t paid me a dime to plug their site!)

Another reason you might want to check them out is simply because they are giving away an iPad Mini and a boatload of iPods and backpacks.
Free swag?Yes ma’ we are talking!
But you have to enter to win so quit reading this and enter: iPad Mini Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 1/31

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  1. megaloo says:

    I love bigwords but I may love free ipod/pads more

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