BP Celebrates Team USA’s Trip To The London 2012 Olympic Games By Sending You To Cheer Them On

I just got some REALLY good news today and I can’t help but share with y’all.

My little dude is a budding athlete and he wanted to go to an athletics camp this summer but it was so expensive for me.
So I went on their website and applied for a scholarship thinking even if they give him a scholarship for just one week, it’s better than him not attending the camp at all.
Camp runs for 4 weeks total.

I wrote a nice essay telling them about my little man and why he would be a good fit for their camp.
And guess what? He got the scholarship!!
Also get this – the scholarship isn’t for just one week, it covers ALL 4 weeks.
To say that we are excited would be the understatement of the year.

We are beyond excited.
We are thrilled.
We are grateful.
Grateful for this opportunity.
Grateful to the Atlanta Speed Academy for this opportunity.
Grateful to all the coaches he has worked with in the past to get him here and those he will be working with in the fall who have already stepped up and started to prepare him for football season.
Grateful to the newsletter where I first saw this opportunity.
I am just incredibly grateful.
Who knows,maybe because of this experience, he will one day get to be part of Team USA?
I can dream right?

Well, you can do better than dream.
It is a little too late for you to join Team USA but it’s not too late for you to cheer them on.
BP wants to send you and a guest all the way to England to cheer on Team USA in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
They are actually giving away a total of 8 trips.
This sweep requires a code but if you don’t have one, there is a “free code” link online that you can use to get one sent to you.

BP Celebrates Team USA’s Trip to London Sweepstakes
x 1 per person per day
Ends 6/5/12

ps:If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to LIKE the Atlanta Speed Academy Facebook Page

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