Brownells’ EDGE Mail-in Sweepstakes

My best half is a gun enthusiast.
I’m not.
Going to a gun show is like going to Disneyland for him.
I’d rather be tied down and forced to watch all seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians than go to a gun show.
He was raised to believe that guns are wonderful for protection so he has a positive image of guns.
I associate guns with thugs, robbers and the like so I have a negative image of guns.
We’re different in that way and that’s okay because differences are healthy in any relationship.

If like him, you love your guns then I bet you already belong to the NRA and probably already have a Brownells EDGE membership but just in case you don’t and you need an extra incentive to get the latter then consider this your incentive because getting the Brownells EDGE membership gets you one entry into this sweep where the prize is a STI EDGE .45 ACP 2011 Pistol with an estimated value of approximately $2,200. I imagine it’s a kick ass gun – I’m also just not going to ask my best half about it because that’ll mean sitting through about an hour of “gun talk” and as much as I adore him, I simply don’t have the patience for that today. If however you want to go the snail mail route with this sweep, you can only enter it one time and that entry (the entry form is provided online, check the rules link) has to be received by May 1st, 2015.

Alternatively, you may mail a 3″ x 5″ postcard (available here – check the rules for form) with your name, address, e-mail address (if you have one), telephone number, date of birth to:

200 South Front Street,
Montezuma, IA 50171.


Full rules and dets here

Ends 5/1/15

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