We All Have Some Kind Of Baggage – Ends 10/12

Believe it or not we are all born without baggage.
As babies,all we do is cry,eat,crap and cry some more.
Our biggest worry is when the next feeding is and if someone will remember to change our soaking wet diapers.
Then we start to accumulate baggage by about five,in my opinion and it never ends.
There’s that group that bullies you at school.
And that boy (or girl) you like that never likes you back.
There are exams and tryouts that make you question your very existence.

We have dysfunctional family baggage.
We have relationship and emotional baggage.
We have work baggage.
And just life baggage in general.
We start to label ourselves as damaged because of our baggage.
We begin to hope that someone somewhere will accept us with all our baggage because truth be told,we all have some kind of baggage,we just have different ways of carrying it around.
Some people carry their baggage on their shirt sleeves for the whole world to see.
Others carry it in their hearts while keeping a smile on their faces.

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