The House That Healed Me – Ends 9/16

Country singer Miranda Lambert sings about the house that built her (You Tube it, awesome song).
I finally found a house that healed me.

Healed me from what?Read on and find out.
My birthday is literally around the corner *cough* September 13th *cough* and I will be turning 31.
I have had the privilege of being infatuated with, being in lust with and even deeply caring about men but I have never been IN love.
There have been a couple of times when I tried to convince myself I loved certain people but the truth is I have never been IN love – not the way you see it in movies or the way you see those couples that get lost in each other’s eyes and know without a doubt they have found “the one”.

I always thought I would never experience it because the wall around my heart was up way too high:
I have seen more heartbreaks and dysfunctional relationships than I care to count.
And having a divorce on my track record didn’t make matters any easier.
But the other day while chilling out at my house it dawned on me that for the first time in my life,I’m ready for love,like real love.
I’m ready to let someone in.
It didn’t happen overnight,it’s been 4 years in the making – constantly working on myself.
There are plenty of things I still need to work on but for the most part, the guard is down.
And it’s all thanks to the house in this post.

See,I’ve watched that house go from abandoned to damn near perfect.
A few weeks back a crew pulled up into the drive way and slaved away for long hours restoring it from front to back and right now it is one of the best houses in the neighborhood.
Everytime I walk past it,a warm feeling engulfs my body – its the perfect place to raise a family.
The yard is large enough for kids to play in
The house is big enough to host parties and there is even a basement for that man cave your guy might need.

After my divorce was finalised,I thought to myself that I would never have the traditional family again and would never meet someone again.
That falling in love was never in the cards for me and as family oriented as I am,maybe my destiny was to just be a single mother.
I basically just closed myself up.
This house, for some odd reason, made me realise that I can fall in love.
That its okay to fall in love.
To risk it all.
To let someone in.
To create a life with someone.
To create memories with someone.
To let a man into my world.
To let another man into my little dude’s world.
To hope.
To have faith in that which I cannot see.
To allow myself to dream about the possibility.
This house helped me realise that I am ready to move on.
I am ready for love.

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