Christmas Photo Cards Are The Rage These Days

The holiday season is about to hit us smack dab in the face and even though you might be groaning inside like the Grinch, you can’t escape it so you better embrace it. The holidays have always been a bit of a lonely and sad time for me. I haven’t celebrated Christmas in a while because each Christmas is a reminder that my grandmother, a person who played a huge role in my childhood Christmases, is not here anymore. She died a few years ago on Christmas Eve and was buried on Christmas… you can see how that can be a serious buzz kill year after year.

One thing I can count on to cheer me up during the holidays are the greeting cards I receive from a few people who still care about me. I have always had a soft spot for cards – probably because I’m a writer and I’m impressed with how cards express sentiments perfectly with a few choice words. Lately though, I have been very impressed with the Christmas photo cards that everyone seems to be obsessed with sending out. I don’t like the posed pictures on most cards, I love the Christmas cards with spontaneous, “unposed” for pictures that capture a moment of true laughter. Actually I love them so much that this year I’m going to jump right back in the Christmas spirit and instead of waiting for other people to send me cards, I’m going to be sending out a few of my own and guess what they will have? A picture of my little dude with his new Mohawk – I took it right outside the barbershop the day he got his Mohawk. He was playing outside my car, unaware that I was taking his picture and the result is this cute “unposed” for picture that shows a little boy grinning from ear to ear because he had just gotten his very first Mohawk.

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