I See A $100 In Your Future – Ends 4/1/12

Life in casa de Mimi has been hectic lately.
And the Atlanta temperatures and pollen aren’t helping things one bit but I will bitch about that some other time.
Today I have a serious question to ask you – would a $100 put a smile on your face?

Maybe you could use it to pay a bill.
Or treat yourself to a smoothie.
Or maybe you could donate it to your favorite charity.
Or treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure.
Or maybe you could use it to fill up your tank and take a mini-road trip all by yourself.
Or treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.

Think of what you could do with $100 and then scroll down and enter this wonderful sweepstake from Liquid – Plumr.They are giving away TWO $100 prizes every single day.
And one of them has your name written all over it!

Clorox – Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Daily Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 4/1/12

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