Happy Friday PLUS A New Disney Text To Win Sweep

I’m in this one sided love relationship with Disney.
Basically I love Disney, everything about Disney and Disney just doesn’t love me back.
I have been entering their contests religiously since I started entering contests and you know what?
I have won zero,zilch,zip from them.
And yet, I still keep trying.
I keep hoping I will get lucky one day – and I know I will.
Maybe I will win a Disney Cruise.
Or I could win this awesome trip to Scotland they are giving away in this new text to win sweep…
A girl can dream,right?
Happy Friday y’all!!

Text FAMILY to 347639

(NOTE: there are tons of keywords for this one but I just chose one)

prize – trip to Scotland hosted by Disney or 1 of over 60 other Disney / Pixar Brave movie prizes

x 1 per person per day

ends 7/6/12

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