Do Something Selfless Today – #ShareHappinessYourWay

My plan for December 25th aka Christmas Day is pretty simple – stuff my face until I go into a food coma.
I know for a fact that my mother is going to buy a boat load of food.
I know for a fact that my brother is going to kill it in the kitchen because he’s a heck of a cook.
I know for a fact that I’m going to eat until I’m completely uncomfortable and can’t even move off the couch.
I’m greedy like that sometimes.
BUT I’m not dumb enough not to acknowledge the fact that there are plenty of people out there who won’t have a meal on their table this holiday season.
Not because they’re lazy or on some fancy starvation diet but because they simply can’t afford food which is why I’m standing 100% behind the #ShareHappinessYourWay twitter and instagram campaign from Burger King and Coca Cola.

This isn’t about me winning a prize, this is about doing something selfless.
I’m asking you to join me by tweeting out or instagramming that hashtag (along with a pic of how you share happiness your way,if you do this via instagram. Pic optional for twitter).Do it JUST ONCE on each platform or just once on either twitter alone or instagram alone because for everyone that uses that hashtag, the sponsor will donate $1 which equals 10 meals to feed the hungry.

So, no prize in this for you but you end up ensuring 10 people somewhere don’t go hungry this holiday season – and I don’t know about you but that high I get from doing something good, doing the right thing feels as good as the high I get when I open up my email and there is a winning notification.

This campaign ends Dec 31 and you can read all the dets here.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Be Safe.

I love you and I’m sending you a BIG virtual hug right about now! 🙂

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