Dollar General $5 off $30 Scenario For 11/22

We interrupt the regularly scheduled sweeps avalanche to bring you this couponing break.
I kid, I kid
But seriously, this is just something I’m throwing in the mix because I love saving money and I know there are tons of my fellow readers out there who do too that’s why I just came up with this super simple scenario for the upcoming Dollar General 5/30 Saturday (don’t you just love their discount Saturdays, except I preferred the 5 off 25 but hey, that’s another story for another day. For now I’m just grateful they have a 5/30 coupon to play with! Don’t forget to text 5OFF to 34898 to get yours and remember your total must be $30 and above pre-tax in order to use the coupon)

*All coupons for these items can be located using the coupon database (google it) and the coupon amounts are in brackets, sorry I’m typing this on my lunch break and don’t really have time to tidy it up but if you have any questions leave them in the comments section and I’ll answer them.

1.gillette simply venus 2 disposable razors 4ct – $3.75 (- $3/1 coupon)
2.bounce sheets 34 ct (2) – $4 (-$3/2 coupon)
3.tide to go pen(2) – $6 (- $3/2 coupon)
4.icy hot patch 1 ct- $1.85 (- $1/1 coupon)
5.gain sheets 34 ct(2) – $4 (- $1/2 coupon)
6.nivea men shave foam – $2 (- $1/1 coupon)
7.gain flings/tide pods 14ct – $3.95 (- $2/1 coupon)
8.tums freshers 25ct -2.50 (- $1.50/1 coupon)
9.ricola drops 19-21 ct(2) – $3.50 (- $1.50/2 coupon)

TOTAL (pretax) – 31.55
– 5/30 coupon = 26.55
– $17 (coupons) = 9.55 (plus whatever your state tax is)

Not too shabby. Remember using coupons = saving money = being smart!

Now feel free to treat me to a McCafé Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie with that money you just saved! Happy shopping!

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