Super Hot Call-In Sweep With Tons Of Prizes

Today is Global Hug Your Kids Day.
It’s disturbing on so many levels that parents actually need a reminder to hug their kids.
I hug my little dude entirely way too much that sometimes I think he wishes I just wouldn’t do it.
What he doesn’t realise is I will do it every single day for as long as I’m breathing.

You know who else I wouldn’t mind hugging every single day?
Brad Paisley.
If you know me,you know I would move the earth for that man.
Okay,maybe I wouldn’t but I love me some Brad Paisley.
Sorry my best half, you know I love you too.
So if you love Brad Paisley as much as I do, you’ll love the sweep I have for you today.
No, you don’t get to hug him but if you’re lucky you can win tickets to one of his shows and $200 or a piece of his memorabilia or a Dollar General gift card.
This sweep has a ton of prizes.

Simply call 1-877-705-6612 and follow the instructions.
Dollar General – Frito-Lay Country Music Instant-Win Game Sweepstakes
x 1 per day
Ends 8/19/12

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