LIKE Easy Canvas Prints And Win A $300 Target Gift Card

If someone were to bribe you to LIKE something,would you accept the bribe?
I would.
Depending on a few factors ofcourse.
Now,before you turn into the morals police and stand on your soap box preaching about how it is not right to accept bribes,hear me out.
As a mother, I bribe my little man to do alot of stuff – yes,I am not beyond bribing him. I have discovered it is less stressful for me that way and we both win in the end. I know the “mommy mafia” is judging me and that’s fine with me.

But back to the original question, if someone were to bribe you to LIKE something, would you accept the bribe?
What if that bribe were a $300 Target gift card?
Would that make you change your tune?
I thought so.

Well, one of my fave companies, Easy Canvas Prints, is giving away a $300 Target gift card in their summer giveaway contest and all you have to do is LIKE their Facebook page. You’re already on Facebook anyway so you may as well go on and show them a little love like and while you’re on their page, be sure to take advantage of the sweet offer they have especially for their Facebook fans (look through the tabs on their page). These guys make really,really awesome canvas prints and if you’ve ever had one done, you know that canvas prints make really cool gifts!

Easy Canvas Prints – $300 Target Gift Card Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 7/13/12

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