Ebates Dream Caribbean Cruise Mail-in Sweepstakes

I don’t do humble brags, I straight up brag.
And I’m even nice enough to let you know when I’m about to start bragging.
Like right now, I want to brag about the fact that Ebates paid me to do my Christmas shopping.
How much did I get paid?
Well, that’s none of your business but since you asked….$6.80
It won’t pay my rent.
Or my car note.
Nor is it enough to pay for my kid’s school lunch this week.
BUT I can buy 12 baked apple pies from McDonald’s with it and still have 80 cents left over.
Or I can put it toward a book of stamps and then use those stamps to enter the Ebates Dream Caribbean Cruise giveaway which,when if I win means Ebates would not only have paid me to shop for Christmas but they also would have rewarded me with a cruise just for shopping.
C’mon…you know that’s totally awesome!

You know however what would be even more awesomer (is that even a word?!)
If YOU signed up for Ebates yourself and got cash back each time you made purchases.
It’s painless and free and you’re already shopping anyway, you may as well get some money back.
And you know what would be awesomest (yup, I just made that word up too!), if you used my referral link to do so.
But even if you don’t – I still think the world of you and I want you to know that there is a mail-in option for the cruise (you still have to be a member though to enter this sweep). Maximum of 5 mail-in entries.

Alternate Method of Entry by mail: You may also enter by mailing up to five (5) handwritten 3 x 5 cards with your full name, postal address, email address (the one you use with your Ebates account) and telephone number to

Ebates Sweepstakes, Tell-A-Friend Q1 2015, Ebates Inc.,
160 Spear Street, Suite 1900,
San Francisco, CA 94105.

All contact information provided must be valid, truthful and current. You will receive one (1) entry for each valid, complete card received. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2015 and must be received no later than April 6, 2015. Envelopes containing multiple entries will be disqualified.

Full rules and dets here

Ends 3/31/15

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