Family Dollar And Suave Want To Simplify Your Life – Ends 9/25

Do you ever have days where you feel every single year of your age in your body?
I do.
Today is one of those day.
I woke up with my right side stiff and hurting and I’ve been limping around all day long.
It’s probably because I pushed myself too hard with this whole running thing (I’m not a runner but I’m attempting to run a bit every day).
I hope this pain passes but until it does,I’m going to distract myself by entering the Family Dollar – Suave Simplifies Sweepstakes where it’s literally raining family dollar gift cards…. over 5000 along with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC,8 GB Apple® iPod Nano and $25 iTunes® Gift Card.
With over 5,000 winners in just this one sweep,you’d be nuts not to throw your name in the ring.

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Ends 9/25

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