Family Getaway To Frisco,Texas – Ends 5/31

I always thought I would end up in Dallas,TX.
I figured I’d spend a year in New York.
Maybe 2 years in Los Angeles.
And then settle down in Dallas,TX …buy me a little nice house with a pickett fence in a good neighborhood where everyone knew everyone and neighbors gathered on the streets waving flags and having a neighborhood potluck on the 4th of July.
Then life happened and somehow I ended up a gazillion miles away from Dallas.
I’ve never even been to Dallas or Texas.
And the closest I’ve come to staying in NY and LA are the one-time visits to both cities.
Ocassionally I still day dream about living in Dallas.I don’t know why,it just seems like such a super cool town.

Summer is around the corner and with the kids out of school,you’ll want to keep them busy and have fun with them (yes,surprisingly you can have fun with your kids!)…and what better way to do that than by loading them up in a car and heading down to Texas for a fun family getaway?

Family Getaway To Frisco,Texas

x 1 per person

ends 5/31

ps:It’s Hug Tuesday and since this post is family oriented,give members of your family a huge hug each just to remind them that you love them..the kids will probably roll their eyes but they secretly love it,trust me. And if you don’t have family close by..hug someone,anyone 🙂

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