Free Atlanta Smoothie Hook Up

I’m hooked on smoothies and I’ve got a particularly soft spot for the McDonald’s strawberry banana smoothies.They are just way too yummy…and a friend of mine who up until yesterday DETESTED smoothies agrees with me.I used my last coupon to convert him into a smoothie lover and naturally I had to brag about it to McDonald’s.

So,what did the big wigs at McDonald’s decide to do?They want to convert more of my friends (YOU) into smoothie lovers and you don’t even have to break a sweat to get the smoothie,how awesome are they?All you have to do is follow @McDonaldsATL on twitter and send them a tweet saying I (@freebiescity) sent you and you want to try their smoothies.Thats it, and they will hook you up!

It pays to know people in high places.
Actually it pays to know people who know people in high places.
Enjoy your free smoothie and hey,don’t forget to let me (and @McDonaldsATL) know how you like it!

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