Win A Signed Guitar From Gary Allan

Most people I know hate airports but I love them!
See, I was practically raised in airports – my mom has worked at multiple airports since before I born and she used to take my siblings and I to work with her a lot so the airport is like a second home to me.
I love being there – watching people saying goodbye to their loved ones as they drop them off or watching people rush into each other’s arms the second they get off the plane.

Whenever I get homesick,I simply drive down to the airport, buy some ice cream and people watch.
And if I can’t get to an airport,I lay on the hood of my car and look up to the sky at all the planes passing by.
I wonder about the people on board, where they are going, why they are going there and if they have someone waiting with open arms, a smile and possibly a bouquet of flowers on the other side of their flight.

Typing out that last paragraph made me think of that Gary Allan’s song “Watching Airplanes”.
Youtube it, you’ll love it.
And while you listen to it,don’t forget to enter today’s highlighted sweep – you could win a signed guitar from Gary Allan worth $160!

FYE – Gary Allan Signed Guitar Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 1/29

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