Hug Tuesday – And Free American Airlines Miles

It’s hug Tuesday and I badly need a hug.

I’ve been moving and let me just say this for the record – Moving sucks.
Some day I’m going to be so rich in that if I have to move from one house to another,I won’t have to pack a single thing.I’ll just buy new stuff for my new place and donate the old stuff.
A girl can dream,right?

Seriously though,if I never see another box in my life,I’ll be as happy as a clam…
Unless ofcourse the box contains a win,then by all means,please give me as many of those boxes as you can!

So,now that you’ve given me a big hug (thank you 🙂 ), allow me to tell you about something pretty neat American Airlines is doing…they are giving away free miles in their “Mystery Miles” game.

Every one is a winner and you don’t even have to break a sweat to score the free miles.
Simply “like” American Airlines on Facebook, click on the Mystery Miles tab, enter your AAdvantage number and find out how many free miles you scored!
You could score anywhere from 100 to 100,000 miles.

Free travel is only a click away baby!

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