Kroger Is Sending Good Vibes Your Way This Tuesday Morning

Okay,I’m assuming you’re reading this in the morning because I’m writing it at 8:21 AM.
But even if you’re reading it in the afternoon, evening or even at night,just know that Kroger is still sending good vibes your way and they are not doing it in the traditional sense,they are doing it big- by hooking you up with a trip to see either Michael Franti or Grace Potter in concert at a location of your choice.

Not excited about the trip?
That’s okay…how about a Kroger gift card?
Or a coffee mug?
And a key chain?
Oh heck,what about just an iTunes download?
Surely you’d love to get your hand on one of those and you can thanks to a new Kroger sweep!

Great Coffee Good Vibes at Kroger Giveaway
(use code: RCWJCK7K4GJN)
x 1 a day
ends: 11/12/12

ps: It’s Hug Tuesday so here’s a (((BIG HUG))) for you! Don’t forget to hug someone today 🙂

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