Marlboro Wants To Spoil You Rotten – Ends 5/6/12

You gotta love Marlboro.
When they do something, they do it big. Real Big.
They are flashy that way and I absolutely love it!
You will love it too especially after you find out how they plan to spoil you rotten for the next few months.
Patience grasshopper.

Marlboro just unveiled their Marlboro – Code Marlboro Sweepstakes and boy oh boy is this going to be so much fun.
There are 1,440 prizes to be won DAILY.
The daily prizes range from a Billiard Table, refrigerator, TV to a pack of card, Zippo lighter, and an ashtray.
But wait, we are just getting started.
Marlboro is giving a total of 4 grand prizes spread out over 4 periods – that’s one prize per period.
What are they?
I’m glad you asked.Check them out for yourself below:

Period 1: Choice of either Harley-Davidson motorcycle plus $4,000 OR $16,363.40 check.
Period 2: Choice of either 2012 Ford Mustang plus $4,000 OR $39,157 check.
Period 3: Choice of either Jeep Rubicon plus $4,000 OR $49,060 check.
Period 4: Choice of either 2012 Dodge Challenger plus $4,000 OR $46,538 check.

Makes you want to light up a Marlboro on your next smoke break,doesn’t it?

This can be entered online or via text but to enter via text you must first register your cell number which is pretty easy and painless.

Marlboro – Code Marlboro Sweepstakes
x 1 per day
Ends 5/6/12

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