MasterCard Priceless Surprises Promotion with Gwen Stefani Mail-In Sweepstakes

Gwen Stefani is not my favorite judge on “The Voice”.
But to be honest, neither is Pharrell Williams.
And no, it’s not Blake Shelton even though I think he’s adorable.
And please don’t get me started on Adam Levine- I watch the show for the contestants, and Carson Daly.
Mostly Carson Daly (hello, does anyone from my generation remember TRL? He’s still as yummy as he was back then!)

But this post is about Gwen Stefani – at least about the Master Card promotion built around her brand.
If you had a master card prior to 12/8/14 then you’re eligible for this promotion.
It’s a long running one with 4 different monthly drawings and each one has a super awesome trip as a grand prize.
*FUN FACT*: did you know that you get access to the “fast lane” if you’re a master card holder? It’s a super cool way of getting rewarded for being a loyal customer and I love to exploit that particular perk whenever I can.
But I’m getting off-track, again.

So, Gwen Stefani, the original Holla Back Girl – or maybe that should be the original UN-Holla Back Girl because you know in the song she says “I aint no holla back girl”…get it?
Okay, I give up, I know you’re just here for the MasterCard Priceless Surprises Promotion with Gwen Stefani Mail-In Sweepstakes so I’ll tell you that you can do unlimited entries but each one must be mailed in its own envelope.

To enter the Promo by mail without making a purchase – you may receive one (1) entry into the Promo by hand printing your name, complete mailing address, telephone number, date of birth, the first 6 digits of your Card, and the words “MasterCard Priceless® Surprises Promotion with Gwen Stefani” on a plain 3” x 5” piece of paper and mailing it in a sealed, stamped and hand printed #10 envelope to:

MasterCard Priceless® Surprises Promotion with Gwen Stefani,
P.O. Box 15104, Bridgeport, CT 06673-5104

Ends 12/31/15
Rules and details here

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