Meet Dierks Bentley Courtesy of the “All Access Black Ticket” Sweepstakes

I Hold On.
That’s my favorite Dierks Bentley song.
It makes me cry every. single. time.
No kidding.
Another fave of mine is My Last Name.
And when I want to turn up, I know I can count on What was I Thinking to really get me going.
Most people I ask to name a fave DB song seem to always say Drunk On a Plane.

What is YOUR favorite Dierks Bentley song?
How would you like to see him perform it live?
How would you like to MEET him in person (and maybe convince him to sing a few bars for you one on one?) ?
Maybe you can even sweet talk him into letting you play his guitar for a while.
Okay, maybe that’s pushing your luck but you see where I’m going with this, right?
If you’re the biggest Dierks Bentley fan, the “All Access Black Ticket” sweepstakes was created with you in mind and you can score an all expenses paid trip to his concert in NJ and a meet and win by either purchasing his new album or by sending in an entry by mail — dets below:

Eligible participants who do not make a purchase can enter by mail by hand printing on a 3”x 5” card, their name, address (including zip code), telephone number and e-mail address and mailing the card in a business size envelope to:

All Access Black Ticket Sweepstakes,
90 Rockwood Place,
Rochester, NY 14610.

Rules and dets
x 1 per day
Ends 4/21/16

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