Score An M&M’s Brand Xbox 360 4GB Console With Kinect

Happy Chocolate Chip Day!
You officially have the perfect excuse to go out and eat as many chocolate chip cookies as you possibly can without being labelled a glutton.
Ok, who am I kidding?
You will be judged for stuffing your face with a gazillion chocolate chip cookies but you know what,screw anyone who judges you – go ahead and indulge…just for today.

And while you’re cramming all those yummy cookies in your mouth,take out your cell and text to win a sweet M&M’s Brand Xbox 360 4GB Console With Kinect along with 2 games. They are giving 50 of those away along with 50 regular ones…that’s a total of 100 Xboxs and one has got your name written all over it.

Text MMSKINECT to 97979
x 1 per person per day
Ends 6/30/12

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