Mobile Rhino iPad Mini Sweepstakes

This year I have a very short christmas wish list.
It basically comprises of two items – one, I actually badly need and one I just want.
What I need is a samsung galaxy note 2.
What I want is an iPad Mini.
Ofcourse if Santa is reading this and he’s feeling very generous, I’ll gladly take both because I have been extra good this year.
Okay, not extra good but pretty good.
Maybe pretty good is pushing the envelope so let’s just say I’ve been good this year.
Definitely better than I was last year, I think.
Darn it, forget being good… can I just please have those two things,please??

If unlike me, you value your dignity and you can’t be bothered to negotiate with Santa,you can just head over to the Mobile Rhino facebook page, show them a little like love and enter their iPad Mini giveaway.

Stuckey & Company – Mobile Rhino iPad Mini Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 12/14/12

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