DayDreaming About A Vegas Pool Party – Ends 4/30/12

This is going to sound weird but I woke up this morning to a freezing house and yet the first thing that crossed my mind was “geez wouldn’t it be nice to go to a pool party sometime“.
I had that thought at exactly 3:23 am.

So,I did what any sweeping addict would do, I immediately googled pool party sweeps and lo and behold, the Monster Beverage Company is giving away not just one but ten pool party trips.
Oh, and they just happen to be in Las Vegas.
Take a second to let that sink in – a pool party in the city of sin.
Did I mention there is $1,000 spending money thrown into the mix as well?
You can start doing the happy dance now.

Oh, and just in case you’re not one of the lucky ten who get to go to Vegas for that pool party, you can still win a super cool Monster Energy Edition Epiphone Les Paul guitar worth an estimated $599.
I don’t know about you but that’s not such a terrible consolation prize.

Monster Beverage Company – Rehab Las Vegas Pool Party Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 4/30/12

pssst: It’s Tuesday and around these parts that means we are all hugging it out! Happy Hug Tuesday everyone – hug someone, anyone and if you don’t have anyone to hug, here is a **massive cyber hug** from me to you!!!

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