Score A 60-Inch Samsung HD Television

Just this once I’m going to ‘fess up to something only those close to me know – I’m addicted to “ON DEMAND”.
I think it’s the best thing ever created in television because it frees up so much of my already limited time.
I love knowing that I don’t have to be seated in front of my TV at a particular time to catch my fave shows and I especially love knowing that I can watch movies whenever I want,pause them,rewind a portion and catch that joke I missed or simply replay an entire movie all over again instantly just because I feel like seeing it again.

If you’ve discovered “ON DEMAND” too, you know how addictive it is.
It totally changes the way you watch television.
And you know what else will definitely change the way you watch television?
A 60″ Samsung HD television.
One look at how crystal clear the picture is on that bad boy and you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed your fave shows on anything else before!
So, how do you score one?
By entering today’s highlighted hot sweep!

Movies On Demand – Geekstakes
x 1 per person per day
Ends 7/27/12

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  1. Amy Martin says:

    Every TV we’ve got is nearing 20 years old, this would be great!

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