My Bucket List

1.Visit Las Vegas (completed 08/03/12)
2.Participate in the Peachtree Race
3.Get a kiss at the Eiffel tower
4.Take a road trip through all the 50 states and spend at least 2 days in each state
5.Own a fully paid off home
6.Write a children’s book
7.Write a book
8.Visit Miami (Completed 12/19/2011)
9.Tour Egypt’s pyramids
10.Participate in a flash mob
11.Attend a live wrestling event (Completed 10/31/11 and again on 3/26/12)
12.Have my own radio segment (or show)
13.Have my own TV segment (or show)
14.Start an online magazine
15.Have my own line of T-shirts
16.Attend a blogging conference
17.Attend a sweeping convention (Completed on 08/17/12)
18. Visit Spain (Completed on 09/13/13)
19. Become a brand ambassador for at least 5 companies
20. Start a line of socks
21. Visit the Marlboro ranch
22. Visit Mexico

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