Hockey + Vegas = Crazy Fun – Ends 5/10/12

I don’t know why you watch hockey but I watch it because I’m always hoping someone will fight.
I don’t condone violence so please don’t bombard my inbox with emails lecturing me about this blog post.
It just so happens that a fight has broken out in almost each and every hockey game I have watched so I’ve come to equate hockey to fights.
And really hot guys – I mean seriously, hockey players are hot.

And now,I’m about to equate hockey to Vegas.
Because the NHL Awards are happening in Vegas this year and guess what?
You could win a trip to watch them live and go to the after party.
So let me get this straight — hockey, hot guys, Vegas, more hot guys, Vegas, even more hot athletes.
*phew* sign me up already!

NHL – 2012 NHL Awards Las Vegas Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 5/10/12

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