Take Me To The 54th Grammy Awards – Ends 2/5/12

Is it so wrong that when I first saw this sweep from Seacrest, the first words to pop in my head were:
I want to get away,I want to fly away…yea,yea,yeah
If you don’t know what song that is,well, shame on you.
It’s the classic “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz.
Okay,I made the “classic” part up but it’s still a pretty darn good song that you should you tube sometime.

Wanna know what else is pretty darn good?
That would be the fact that Ryan Seacrest wants to fly you and a friend to the 54th Grammy Awards.
Okay,Ryan won’t be flying you himself.He can afford it and stuff but he is not personally sending you,his sponsors are.They’ll give you roundtrip airfare to LA, tickets to the show and even put you up in a hotel.
You get to see people like Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Nikki Minaj perform.
Oh and if you win and see Bruno Mars,please ask him for me if he’d really catch a grenade for a girl he truly likes because if he seriously would,I need to give him my digits ASAP!
But that’s a conversation for another time.
For now though,don’t forget to enter now because this ends really soon.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest – GRAMMY Awards Flyaway Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
Ends 2/5/12

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