$5,000 Back To School Shopping Spree

I know the Fall semester has been in session for a few weeks now already but as a parent,I also know that back to school shopping is a continous process and not one that ends when school starts. If anything, spending tends to increase as the semester progresses – or maybe that’s just in my household?

Anyway, Sargento Foods understands that parents with school-age kids are constantly spending money on school supplies and stuff and to that end, they want to throw $5,000 your way to help you with some of those expenses.

Did I also mention they are giving away one hundred $200 cards to the first prize winners? That would go a very long way in helping with uniforms,books,pencils and all those extra curricular activities!

Sargento Foods – Back to School Shopping Spree Sweepstakes
x 1 per person
ends 10/31

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  1. Colin Manwaring says:

    this could go a long ways towards bills and maybe a nice new TV !

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