So You Think You Can Write? Free $5 Amazon Gift Card For Reviews

Writing is fun but it’s also a pain in all the wrong places sometimes.
Like everything else it requires patience and planning and all that good stuff.
It helps if you are writing about something you’re passionate about or if you’re getting paid for your writing or better yet if you’re getting paid to write about something you’re actually passionate about.

So,do you have an opinion about home and kitchen appliances that you have just been dying to share with the world?
Do you spend hours telling your blender how incredibly gorgeous it is and how you’d run off to Vegas with it in a heartbeat if you could?
Are you still mad you bought that vacuum cleaner and it worked for exactly two days before it fell to pieces?
Guess what? Viewpoints wants to give you a $5 Amazon gift card for your review!
Now is your time to speak out – and get rewarded for it.

Here’s the fine print:

Viewpoints has another free $5 Amazon Gift Card promo up! Earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card when you write 5 qualifying appliance reviews between now and April 18th, 2011.

Qualifying Reviews:

* Must be written between April 7, 2011 and April 18, 2011
* Must be a minimum of 700 characters
* Must be of a product within the following categories:
o Home Appliances
o Kitchen Appliances
* Must be about real products; inappropriate or bogus content will be removed.

Gift cards will be sent out within 30 days of the program conclusion.

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