Text To Win A Royal Caribbean Cruise For Four – ends 6/5

Let’s play a game.
It’s called “Which 3 people would you take with you on a royal caribbean cruise for 4”?
My list is simple…my little dude,the person I am dating and possibly his bestfriend -to keep him company while I tend to my little man.
But you know what,now that I really think about it,I don’t know that I would want to take my little man because let’s face it a cruise – unless its the disney family one is really meant for adults and would bore a kid to death.Maybe I am wrong but thats just what I think. So maybe I would take my bestfriend instead of my son.

And now, your turn – who would you take?
I imagine I’m number one on that list,no?
If I had any feelings,anyone who answered no would have severely hurt them but since I have none,let’s all move right along.

I sure hope you have that list of people handy because you can win a Royal Caribbean Cruise For Four simply by texting ROCKETS000 to 99158.

x 1 per person

ends 6/5

ps: happy hug Tuesday – go hug someone today,you just might make their day!!And while you’re spreading all that love,don’t forget to show a little love to the text to win sweeps page.

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