$50,000 Worth Of Prizes Up For Grabs In The Colace Comfort Sweepstakes

My best half won’t admit it but he is the most directionally-challenged person I know.
I’m a close second, by just a hair.
I get lost every single time I venture further than my front door step without my GPS to guide me.
But unlike him,I’m not afraid to stop and ask for directions if I get lost.
He’d rather keep driving in circles until he finds his destination.
He’s a guy like that.
And I love that particular brand of stubborness on him.
It cracks me up – every. single. time.

Last night he got lost in heavy traffic and instead of me laughing,I actually started worrying about him and then it dawned on me,father’s day is around the corner and I know just the perfect gift to get him – a GPS!
Hope he isn’t reading this.

Want to snag a cool Garmin GPS for the guy in your life too?
Or for someone you know who happens to be directionally-challenged?
Ofcourse you do and guess what?
There are 25 of them up for grabs in The Colace Comfort Sweepstakes.

But GPS’ aren’t the only prizes being handed out,they have kindles, iPads, robes, gift cards and even Tempur-Pedic Mattresses!
But you’ve got to hurry because this sweep ends sooooooon.

The Colace Comfort Sweepstakes
x 1 per week
Ends 6/2/12

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