I Want To Be A Pawn Star – Ends 2/24/12

I’m a star y’all.
Okay,not of Hollywood proportions but a star nonetheless.
I know you’re dying to know the details so I’ll spill.
The Best Of Fiverr blog just wrote up a brief but really awesome blogger profile about me.
This totally made my day – little,simple things like that always make my day.

Now my next mission is to become a pawn star.
And it should be your next mission too because A&E Television is teaming up with Turbo Tax to turn one of us the next big pawn star.
Okay, they really aren’t really going to turn us into pawn stars.
They simply want to send you and a guest to Las Vegas to visit the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.
Oh, and they are throwing in a cool $5,000 for you to spend while in sin city.
But the fun doesn’t end there because every single day a lucky fan gets to walk away with $100 and a Pawn Stars bobblehead.

A&E Television Networks – Be A Pawn Star Sweepstakes
x 1 per day
Ends 2/24/12

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