Fry’s Electronics Wants To Hook You Up With A Sony VAIO Pro Touchscreen Ultrabook

I hope you had a much better day than I did.
What did I spend my day doing?
Praying that my computer wouldn’t call it a wrap. It’s 5 years old and just about time for it to check into computer retirement home. I just need it to wait just a little bit longer until I can win a new one!
And speaking of winning computers, Fry’s Electronics is giving away a brand new Sony VAIO Pro Touchscreen Ultrabook and a whole bunch of other prizes but those other prizes are reserved for contestants living within 100 miles of the Open Golf Tournament location.
So if you’re like me and you could use a new computer, this is a must enter sweep.

Fry’s Electronics – Sony VAIO Pro Ultrabook Giveaway
x 1
ends 10/7

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