Win up to $5,000 in the Little Hug “Lunchbox Surprise” Mail-in Promotion

I never, ever thought in a million years I would look forward to the start of school but I do.
I don’t necessarily look forward to the early mornings nor
Do I enjoy the fact that suddenly I have to plan my life around the school schedule BUT
I love the structure that comes with my kiddo being back to school.
I love that it forces me to stay on task because I know that I only have a certain number of hours to get stuff accomplished before school lets out for the day.
You’d be amazed at just how productive I get when school is back in session!

You know what else I love about kids being back in school?
The avalanche of back to school promotions that suddenly seem to be everywhere as brands compete to get our attention.Now I don’t know about you but with me, all you have to say is “free cash” and you have my instant, undivided attention which explains why this new promo from Little Hug had me doing a double take.
Could you use an extra $5,000?
What about $3,000?
Maybe $1,000?
Heck, what about just a $100?
If you answered even one yes, either run out right now (get dressed first, unless you’re going to Walmart then you can run out in your pyjamas!) and grab a specially marked carton of 20 count Little Hug Fruit Barrels and you could win $$$$ instantly or just do it the mail-in way by sending a postcard with your complete name, mailing address, daytime telephone number, email address and date of birth to:

Little Hug Lunchbox Surprise Promotion,
P.O. Box 6004,
Morton Grove, IL, 60053

Rules and dets here
Ends October 30, 2015

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