WOW Trip To The NFL Pro Bowl Join To Win Mail-In Sweepstakes

Fact: Women love football.
And if you don’t believe me, ask the Women of Washington Redskins.
That’s why on any given Sunday during the football season you’ll find some ladies tailgating in stadiums across the country while donning their hot pink jerseys eagerly ready to talk shit as they root on for their teams.
Pink Jerseys are optional by the way – but I do tend to see them a lot.
Personally I prefer to not to wear pink if I’m going to a game but that’s only because I hate the color pink.
I’ve seriously been tempted to start a petition to get that color banned, that’s how much I can’t stand it.

But this post is not about my issues with the color pink.
This post is about an awesome sweep from The Washington Redskins.
They’re on a mission to send one of you to the Pro Bowl this year – as long as you don’t reside in the state of NY, FL or even outside the US (hey, their rules – not mine!) so if going to the Pro Bowl is on your bucket list, hop on this already.
Just an FYI – the 2015 Pro Bowl will be held in Arizona and not Hawaii
But I bet you already knew that because you’re the type of football fan who keeps up with this stuff!
One entry per person and all entries must be received by Jan 16, 2015.

Mail-in: On a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper, hand-print your name, complete street address, email address, home phone number and cellular phone number (area code included), and date-of-birth, and mail entry in a properly stamped #10 envelope to The Washington Redskins, Attn: WOW Trip to the NFL Pro Bowl Join to Win Sweepstakes, 21300 Redskin Park Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147

rules and dets here

ends 1/16/15

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