Win A Smurfin’ 55-Inch TV And 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System – Ends 12/27

If you’re reading this you survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
I watched in shock as grown folks fought to get their hands on some goodies on Black Friday.
Me? I was being lazy on my couch because I discovered long ago that there isn’t a single item on earth worth getting trampled over.
Now that the craziness seems to have cooled off a bit and the turkey in our bellies has finally digested,let’s get back to winning some really cool stuff.

Didn’t get your hands on that super neat 55-inch TV or 3D blu-ray you were lusting over?
Worry not because Yahoo has got you covered.
They are giving away a 55-inch smart TV and a ton of blu-ray players in their Yahoo! – Smurfs Blue Moon Sweepstakes.
I bet right about now you’re saying “smurf that fat lady who squashed my right toes just as I was about to grab that last blu-ray player off the shelf”.

Well, I am so smurfin’ glad I could make your day by telling you about this smurfin’ sweep!

x 1 per person
Ends 12/27

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